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White Men Prefer George Bush

October 01, 2000

So, white men prefer George W. Bush (Times Poll, Sept. 27). Presumably, they think he is more "conservative" than Al Gore. But Gov. Bush proposes large tax cuts in an effort to buy votes, while Gore's priority is to pay down the federal deficit, following a policy of true fiscal conservatism. Moreover, Gore's pro-choice stand speaks loudly about his concern for individual rights, while Bush seems to believe that the government has the ultimate say over the reproductive rights of women. I thought that the basis for true social conservatism in America has always been strong support for individual rights.

Finally, even on the defense spending issue, we find that Gore is proposing larger increases than Bush. So, I'm a white male, and I'm voting for the candidate who actually stands up for some real conservative principles. I'm voting for Al Gore.


La Jolla

* Let me get this straight: When asked who would best keep the economy prosperous, handle health care, improve education, strengthen Social Security, or who has the best experience, likely voters favor Gore by anywhere from 7% to 37% depending on the issue. Yet when asked whom they plan on voting for, men, especially white males, favor Bush. And women are supposed to be the ones who make irrational, emotionally driven decisions?


Santa Barbara

* Concerning your poll that indicates Bush has a 22-point lead among males: This reconfirms my opinion that we never should have given them the vote.



* Dictatorships result when the people have the perverse idea that the government can do everything for them. Gore believes that he can lead a government that can do everything for the people.


San Clemente

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