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Healthy Hunting Grounds Are New for Littlerock Linebacker


LITTLEROCK — Beware, opponents. Colt 45 is tracking you.

Senior linebacker-fullback Colt Hunter wears uniform No. 45 and is a cornerstone for Littlerock High's defense.

That is, when he isn't hurting himself.

The versatile three-sport athlete has been plagued by injuries.

As a sophomore, he ripped a growth plate off his hip while playing and missed three football games. He recovered in time to play baseball, where he had one of his front teeth knocked out.

During his junior football season, Hunter, 5 feet 10 and 190 pounds, dislocated his left elbow against rival Highland and missed the rest of the season.

"Hey, at least I made it through my freshman year without getting hurt," said Hunter, who is also on the wrestling team. "A lot of people say [the injuries] are because I play too hard, but that's the only way I know how to play.

"It would be great to make it through a whole season in one piece, though."

Four games into this season, Hunter remains intact. "He hasn't been hurt yet," said his sister, Annie. "We're keeping our fingers crossed."

So is Coach Jim Bauer.

"It would be nice to see what he can do through a complete season," said Bauer, whose program has developed a reputation for producing talented linebackers. "This guy has had nothing but hell in his career."

Hunter is quick to play up his nickname. His 1992 Mustang has a license plate that reads: "Colts 45."

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