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Pigskin Prophecies

October 05, 2000

This week's showdown pits the forces of good (your Soothsaying Swami) vs. the emperor of evil (prep Poo-Bah Eric Sondheimer). Little Caesar has promised to put me in my place. By the weekend, that will be with my Aladdin shoe firmly over the babbling blowhard's neck. For those keeping score, I drove circles around Darin "Gaskethead" Esper, who slammed into the wailing wall last week.

The Prophet

Season totals for the Prophet: 40 of 60 (67%), 54 points

Eric Sondheimer

Season totals for the guests: 37 of 60 (62%), 53 points

GAME OF THE WEEK (5 points)

Granada Hills at Kennedy

THE PROPHET SAYS: Kennedy couldn't crack The Times' regional top 10 after beating No. 3 Taft, proving once and for all the ink-stained minions don't have a clue. And, remember, Sondheimer is their leader. What a sad bunch. Kennedy, 28-21.

SONDHEIMER SAYS: The Prophet has tried to embarrass me for weeks with his crude humor and sophomoric one-liners. Now it's time to expose his trash talk for what it really is: A feeble attempt to hide his failings as a prognosticator. These teams are playoff bound, with terrific coaching staffs. In the end, defense wins championships. Granada Hills, 21-17.

OTHER TOP GAMES (each 3 points)

Hart vs. Loyola at Glendale High

THE PROPHET SAYS: Dog bites man. Sondheimer picks Hart. QB Matt Ware of Loyola, who has committed to UCLA as a defensive back, will give QB Kyle Matter of Hart, a Stanford recruit, a preview of the defensive headaches he'll face in the Pac-10. Loyola, 21-13.

SONDHEIMER SAYS: Loyola's first-string defense hasn't given up a point in four games. How can Hart score when it has no top running back and its offensive line can't protect Kyle Matter? The Indians will turn to an unsung hero, punter-kicker Josh Cummings. Give him the chance and he'll deliver an upset victory. Hart, 17-14.


Camarillo at Palmdale

THE PROPHET SAYS: RB Loren Cerny and his Camarillo teammates couldn't keep up with Buena last week, but they'll have more than enough to overpower the Falcons. Camarillo, 30-22.

SONDHEIMER SAYS: The drive from Camarillo to Palmdale is quite tiring during rush hour, so the Scorpions are already facing a disadvantage. But wait until quarterback Terry Furlow starts running in circles. Palmdale, 28-21.


Nordhoff at Oak Park

THE PROPHET SAYS: Sondheimer is picking Oak Park. That's reason enough to become a Nordhoff fan. Nordhoff, 27-21.

SONDHEIMER SAYS: Oak Park is finally at full strength after player and coach suspensions. The Rangers won't know what hit them after RB Eric Testan gets the ball. Oak Park, 21-20.

THE REST (1 point each)

* Serra at St. Francis: Sondheimer: Running back Matt Milton scored his first four touchdowns of the season last week for St. Francis. He's still in an ornery mood. St. Francis, 42-21. The Prophet: St. Francis, 35-22.

* San Fernando at Taft: Sondheimer: What's the big deal about Coach Troy Starr being suspended? He can use a cell phone or e-mail plays via a Palm Pilot. Taft, 35-14. The Prophet: Taft, 28-21.

* Grant at Reseda: Sondheimer: Perry Clayton of Grant has put together consecutive 300-yard rushing games. Too bad that he's not even the best running back on the field. Watch Eddie Robinson of Reseda run wild. Reseda, 42-14. The Prophet: Reseda, 32-20.

* Thousand Oaks at Moorpark: Sondheimer: If the Lancers can't win this one, it might be time to start getting ready for basketball season. Thousand Oaks, 21-14. The Prophet: Moorpark, 17-14.

* Buena at Paso Robles: Sondheimer: If Newbury Park couldn't win at Paso Robles, Buena surely has no chance, either. Paso Robles, 35-21. The Prophet: Buena, 28-24.

* Temple City at Chaminade. Sondheimer: Halloween is coming, and Chaminade has begun to scare Mission League rivals Notre Dame and St. Francis with its steady improvement. Chaminade, 35-21. The Prophet: Chaminade, 26-20.

* Lancaster at Barstow: Sondheimer: This isn't the best of years for Golden League teams. Barstow, 28-7. The Prophet: Barstow, 21-14.

* Damien at Notre Dame: Sondheimer: Jimmy Sharp is going to set a record for most touchdowns nullified by penalties. As long as the Knights don't hold, clip or hit someone in the back when he gets the ball, everything should be fine. Notre Dame, 24-14. The Prophet: Notre Dame, 14-7.

* Highland at Cleveland: Sondheimer: Cleveland's 49-0 loss to Monroe still doesn't make sense, but it tells me there are hidden problems. Highland, 35-28. The Prophet: Cleveland, 28-21.

* Monroe vs. Saugus at College of the Canyons: Sondheimer: The Foothill League is better than people think. Saugus, 28-14. The Prophet: Saugus, 21-14.

* Village Christian vs. Flintridge Prep at Duarte High: Sondheimer: The Crusaders' balance on offense makes the difference. Village Christian, 35-31. The Prophet: Flintridge Prep, 42-28.

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