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October 05, 2000|Associated Press

Atlanta outfielder Brian Jordan insisted recent events did not lead anyone in the Braves' clubhouse to think maybe this is simply not their year.

"We're always going to have confidence," Jordan said.

Jordan has firsthand experience from 1996, when the Braves rallied from a 3-1 series to beat the Cardinals in seven games in the NL championship series. Then, Jordan played for St. Louis.

"We thought we had the Braves beat and experience took over," Jordan said. "Hopefully, it's going to happen this year, too. You can't help but think about '96, how close we were and it didn't happen."

Third baseman Chipper Jones has already made two key mistakes in the last several days. It was his fielding error that opened the floodgates for the Colorado Rockies' seven-run ninth, and he also booted Ray Lankford's cue-ball grounder in the Cardinals' six-run first.

But he was very cordial during a break in Wednesday's workout, accepting blame for the Sunday error because he didn't stay in front of the ball. On Lankford's grounder, he said it was a "do-or-die" play.

"You've got to have a reckless abandon attitude," Jones said. "You realize you're going to get some in-between hops and some tough smashes that you're going to get errors, but you can't lose that attitude.

"You start getting passive and only bad things happen."

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