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Maintenance Van Hits 747 on Taxiway at LAX

October 06, 2000

LOS ANGELES — A maintenance van struck a United Airlines Boeing 747 moving on a Los Angeles International Airport taxiway Thursday, knocking the van on its side.

No one aboard the Hong Kong-bound jet was hurt but three workers in the United Airlines van were sent to a hospital for examination.

United Flight 1, carrying 346 passengers and 21 crew members, was about to move onto a runway when the van hit an engine, officials said.

"We don't know how the incident occurred. It's rather unusual, so we will investigate," said Matt Triaca, a United Airlines spokesman.

The van leaked less than half a gallon of gasoline onto the taxiway, said Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey.

The passengers were taken off the plane and arrangements were made for them to take another aircraft.

The extent of the damage to the aircraft and the van was not immediately clear.

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