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Chris Dufresne's Top 25

October 06, 2000|CHRIS DUFRESNE

1. Florida State (5-0) Rankman's in-depth, Miami-game breakdown: Don't theinke FSU can win without Weinke.

2. Nebraska (4-0) Giving up 24 points to Missouri may cost team the national title.

3. Virginia Tech (4-0) Needs one more lightning strike at Miami on Nov. 4 to assure title-game spot.

4. Texas (3-1) On plane trips, Applewhite replaces Simms in first class after takeoff.

5. Clemson (5-0) As coaches, these Bowdens sure are a bunch of show-offs.

6. Ohio State (4-0) Nice to see the Buckeyes back in the football-playing business.

7. Oregon (4-1) Winner of Nov. 18 game vs. Oregon State to the Orange Bowl?

8. Oklahoma (4-0) Memo to OU: Texas defense has given up seven points in last eight quarters.

9. Michigan (4-1) Two blown calls (Illinois) and a lucky pass (Wisconsin) lands team in Top 10 Lucky Town.

10. Kansas State (5-0) School refuses to allow UN investigators to inspect secret schedule making equipment.

11. UCLA (4-1) Night shift security guard in Hoboken says it was the best comeback he has seen.

12. Miami (3-1) Hurricanes hoping FSU QB Marcus Outsen becomes Marcus In-Sen.

13. Washington (3-1) School graciously cedes Walla Walla to Oregon after losing Battle of Eugene.

14. Florida (4-1) Could it be Spurrier has lost that step he had on SEC coaches?

15. Texas Christian (4-0) Following in proud undefeated tradition of Marshall and Tulane.

16. Auburn (5-0) Best start out of the blocks since Maurice Greene.

17. Oregon State (4-0) Ralph Nader demands OSU be allowed in the national title debate.

18. USC (3-1) Like a Grimm's fairy tale, Trojans' trip into dark forest ends poorly.

19. Tennessee (2-2) Some years you get the breaks (1998), some years you don't (2000).

20. Southern Mississippi (3-1) Heads south to Florida to play ... South Florida.

21. Georgia (3-1) With Tennessee coming to town, highway workers ordered to change vest colors.

22. Mississippi State (3-1) Was that win over Florida big? Does a bullfrog croak?

23. Northwestern (4-1) Sports writers take sabbaticals to rally again for the cause.

24. Wisconsin (3-2) Coming off shoe scandal, Alvarez quips after loss: "We shot ourselves in the foot."

25. Notre Dame (2-2) Stanford band promises no potato famine skits this week.

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