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Cheney, Lieberman

October 08, 2000

Better Qualified

* Re "Cheney and Lieberman Politely Stick to Scripts," Oct. 6:

I support, in alphabetical order, a Cheney and Lieberman ticket. They can flip a coin or decide between themselves who gets president and vice president. It's hard to believe that the two presidential candidates could have chosen such clearly qualified and thoughtful people.


Los Angeles


* Your reporter couldn't have watched the debate I did. "[A] mild-mannered . . . debate that often muffled their differences beneath a blanket of civility"? I don't think so. Sure, neither man was rude, and neither rolled his eyes and sighed like a sophomore.

This was a sophisticated exchange that crisply defined the issues and differences between the parties and the two men. My only regret, and it should be the regret of the nation, is that it is not Dick Cheney and Joseph Lieberman who are facing off for president, rather than the lightweights who are.


Newport Beach


* I would feel more comfortable if the vice presidential and presidential candidates could change places. I found both vice presidential candidates to have been more seasoned, experienced and reflective than their respective running mates. Both presidential candidates strike me as being a little bit too hackneyed and hammy. Cream does not necessarily rise to the top!

On a superficial level Cheney reminded me of a no-nonsense CEO while Lieberman reminded me of a kindly uncle.


Mission Viejo


* Why is it when candidates push for greater and greater military expenditures no one ever asks them, "Who is the enemy and how can they hurt us with our current military readiness?" Our current expenditures exceed those of the next five largest nations combined.


Santa Barbara


* Candidate Bush and the Republicans keep promising to "save" us from bigger government. So what? Everything is bigger today and will be even bigger tomorrow: the population, big business, the complexity of our society and our lives, the ozone hole, you name it. Government better get bigger!


Sherman Oaks


* I wish that Gore would take a page from fighting Harry Truman's crusade against the "Do-Nothing Congress." If ever there were a do-nothing Congress, it is this one. It has done nothing but spend taxpayer money on an unnecessary, partisan impeachment, which the public saw through, block legislation, delay the budget and stall, stall, stall.

It's a wonder that the Clinton-Gore administration accomplished all that it did and that the country is as healthy, economically, as it is.



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