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Tussle Over Bullfight

October 08, 2000

I have been enjoying Mike McIntyre's worldly adventures since they started last January. However, his article about bullfighting in Spain, "Learning About Courage and Beauty From the Beast" (The Wander Year, Sept. 24), left me repulsed and amazed.

I do not believe in bullfighting, but then, others do. That he attended was fine for him. However, using almost his entire column to graphically describe the inhumane and bloody torture of the animals turned my stomach.

It did not help that, in the end, he was sorry he attended. If that was the case, he shouldn't even have written about it.


Santa Monica

Bravo to McIntyre for his twin epiphanies in Madrid. Dance is indeed the apogee of artistry and athleticism, and the corrida has got to be close to the nadir of human inventions. The very simpatico Spanish people should throw it out entirely in favor of the home-grown glory of flamenco.


Pacific Palisades

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