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October 12, 2000|JOHN WEYLER

What: Further

Where: The Burbank 28, Block 30 in Orange, AMC Ontario Mills

Price: $6

Before the VCR was invented, skiers and surfers would cram into high school gyms on Friday and Saturday nights to watch films and rev up for the next morning's session on the slopes or waves. Adrenaline Theater, underway at 40 AMC theaters in the United States and Canada, is an attempt to revive that feeling by taking the hugely popular extreme-sport videos to 35mm and the booming sound systems of today's theater experience.

"Further," which runs through Nov. 4 on Friday and Saturday nights, is an extreme skiing and snowboarding film with all the right ingredients for whipping up a crowd. There's incredible scenery, mind-boggling descents down remote mountain faces in places such as Antarctica, Alaska and Canada, a thumping soundtrack that features the likes of Social Distortion, Cyprus Hill and Ozzy Osborne and, of course, wipeouts.

How about former U.S. ski team member Jeremy Nobis, who sometimes achieves speeds in excess of 70 mph while hurtling virtually straight down the steepest of chutes, falling most of the way down a 3,500-foot face on a first descent in Alaska?

Or Dan Treadway snagging a ski on a rock while taking off a precipice and "shattering his pelvis" on the rocks 30 feet below?

And there's snowboarder Jeremy Jones tumbling just ahead of the avalanche he started in a remote Alaskan range and Gordy Peifer cartwheeling literally dozens of times down another Alaskan face.

And, heck, it's OK to stand up and scream, "That's the sickest air I've ever seen!"

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