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Baker Unhappy With Silence From Magowan

October 12, 2000|From Associated Press

Manager Dusty Baker has let it be known he is disappointed Peter Magowan, the Giants' president, has not called him since San Francisco was eliminated from the National League playoffs Sunday.

Baker, whose contract expires Dec. 31, has received sharp criticism from fans and the media for his moves during San Francisco's division series loss to the New York Mets.

"It hurts even more when you come home for support and you're getting ripped. But that's the job," Baker told KPIX-TV Monday in San Francisco. "But at the same time, you start thinking, 'Have you worn out your welcome here, and what's it going to be like a year from now, or the next time people disagree with your opinions?' "

It's believed Baker will seek a contract worth about $2 million a year. "I'm a man, I'm a pro, and I ain't begging nobody for nothing," Baker said. "My decision was made definitely, until--hey, if a person's not wanted, I've already been not wanted once in L.A., and I'm not going to be in that situation again."


Steroid use is common among a large number of U.S. baseball players, from the minor leagues to the majors, according to an investigative report published by the New York Times.

The report cited a San Diego Padre test of minor league players that showed that 20% tested positive for steroids. A veteran major leaguer was quoted as estimating that four out of 10 major leaguers have used the drugs.

Major league baseball does not randomly test players for steroids.

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