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Canada's Golden Goose

October 14, 2000

Re Brian Lowry's "Labor Movement Isn't Aboot to Head Into Canadian Sunset" (Oct. 3):

Finally, someone in Hollywood has the guts to focus on the real reason production from the U.S. has been given a green magic carpet ride.

Forestry and tourism were Canada's major industries. They vowed to make filmmaking No. 1. For the last 20 years, they've been building, training, with the ultimate goal of going toe to toe with Hollywood, New York, Atlanta, Wilmington, Seattle, Salt Lake and every other place that's suffering from a lack of production. They're building postproduction facilities that will enable you to hang around even longer.

A maple leaf should be positioned right next to the network logo on the corner of the screen so the American consumer knows which shows are selling fellow Americans up the river.


Granada Hills


Thank God someone has finally written a cogent and compelling article on what's happening to the film-TV business in Los Angeles.

The movie-TV industry may never recover from the Canadian and eventual Mexican co-opting of our business. Actually, we gave it to them. There are no incentives being put forth by the governor and/or politicians to entice business back. The small people in the business are suffering terribly, losing homes, but the big money keeps collecting.

This business was the major export in California. This country does not cherish its culture or its artists.


Studio City

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