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An Overlooked Ovation

October 14, 2000

Regarding the Ovation Awards (" 'Oliver!' Nabs 10 Ovation Nominations," by Don Shirley, Sept. 26): Will Theatre LA ever recognize a much-overlooked category? Every year I watch as so many musical directors and conductors are overlooked by the Ovations. I served as an Ovation voter for two years and several times tried to get them to add the category.

I implore the leaders of Theatre LA to stop the injustice of overlooking these fine talents and the hard work they provide for our enjoyment. After all, what is a musical without the music?


Co-founder, the Musical

Theatre Guild, Burbank

LACMALab's No, No


The other day, we went to the Boone Education Gallery's "Made in California: NOW" show, and everybody had a great time ("Happily, LACMALab Leaves Much to Imagination," by Christopher Knight, Sept. 15). A few days later, I brought many of my friends and was embarrassed to find that the gallery had become full of guards telling children what not to do.

The first rule of parenthood is, if there's something you don't want children to touch, do not display it. Children become frustrated when they are constantly told "no," and about halfway through the show, I became frustrated at all the rules too. Why have a children's gallery if it's not for children?


Los Angeles

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