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VENTURA COUNTY ROUNDUP | East County / Thousand Oaks

Councilman Seeks to Plant More Oaks

October 14, 2000|JENIFER RAGLAND

Hoping to augment the city's collection of oaks, Councilman Mike Markey has proposed two sites near Conejo Creek Park be turned into "mini-forests."

City leaders this week, at Markey's request, directed staff to determine how much it would cost to plant and maintain groves of oak trees on two small plots along Paige Lane.

Markey spearheaded a similar oak-tree planting last year near the junction of the Ventura and Moorpark freeways, where more than 100 trees are now growing.

"Thousand Oaks was named after all of the oak trees we have," Markey said. "By having fresh oaks growing, we can replenish some of the older ones that are aging."

Mayor Dennis Gillette, however, asked that staff talk with officials at the Conejo Recreation and Park District and the Conejo Unified School District to ensure that all potential uses of the land--including more soccer fields--had been considered.

"I agree any time we have the opportunity to put more trees in, we should do that," Gillette said. "We need an open dialogue to make sure all possibilities are considered."

If the oak groves are planted, they will make up a total of five to 15 acres, said Scott Mitnick, deputy city manager.

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