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Colorful Article

October 15, 2000

The article "Catching Fall Colors Where America Began" (Sept. 17) was enjoyable, recalling the times we have "done" the New England fall color tour. But past articles in The Times that pointed out alternate locales for fall foliage were more satisfying to the typical traveler.

The New England states evidently have made little or no effort to provide accommodations for pulling off the road to pause for appreciation and photography. The Western states are far more accommodating in this regard and often provide equally aesthetic vistas. In Pennsylvania we have also found fall color fully equal to that of New England--and with opportunities for convenient photography.

Traveling across our extensive continent to obtain only a fleeting glimpse of a spectacular display is hardly an enduring inducement for repeated visits.




Author Susan Spano wrote a wonderful description of my hometown area. Until the start of World War II, my family's New England granite quarry was the oldest quarry operated continuously by one family. The granite for the base of the Minute Man statue as well as the base of the North Bridge in the Minute Man National Historical Park, both pictured with the article, came from our quarries. I lived in the historical village of Westford, easily the most beautiful of the surrounding Concord villages.


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