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Taking Solace in the Memories of Her Father

October 17, 2000

I would like Patti Davis to know how very much I appreciated her words about not being able to actually speak to her dear father but knowing pretty much what he'd say ("When Kindness Becomes a Dilemma," Sept. 25). My own beloved dad died this past spring, a man to whom my daughters and I turned constantly for advise and counsel.

I find constant solace in the fact that I can still talk to my dad--he just can't answer out loud any more. But we do find his answers in our memories of his wise and wonderful ways. Patti, hopefully the man to whom you referred in your article will one day realize what great love and caring you showed in your note to him. And if he doesn't, others will.


Hacienda Heights


Patti Davis discussing the rudeness of others? Patti Davis reaching out to others in kindness? Patti Davis portraying herself as the attentive, loving daughter? A rather feeble and somewhat tardy attempt to redefine herself.


Thousand Oaks

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