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Board Criticized on Greenbelt Plan

October 18, 2000|MATT SURMAN

A group of Moorpark, Camarillo and Somis residents accused the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday of moving too slowly in bringing the proposed Las Posas Valley greenbelt between Camarillo and Moorpark to life.

At an update by Supervisors Frank Schillo and John Flynn, who head a committee working to set aside open space, the residents admonished the board for what they consider inaction.

"Nothing has been done to get a greenbelt in place," said Patricia Feiner Arkin of Somis.

"I'm not comfortable with someone who just says, 'Go slowly.' "

Supervisors, for their part, said attempting to set aside open space can create problems, such as fights over property rights.

Supervisor Kathy Long mentioned the board's most recent greenbelt success, spanning from Fillmore to the Los Angeles County line.

"Last week's historical action did take a lot of work," Long said, noting that it took years of consensus-building.

According to the update, there have been no discussions on the Las Posas greenbelt proposal.

There are six existing greenbelts, which supervisors hope to readopt with ordinances.

"We're not trying to shoehorn consensus in," said Supervisor Judy Mikels, who took the brunt of the criticism because her district includes the area.

"The ultimate result is what's important. . . . Government does move slowly."

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