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Video Shows Slaying of Sausage Plant Inspectors

Crime: The camera was turned on by the owner. The tape appears to show him reloading handguns and shooting 3 wounded officials in the head.

October 18, 2000|From Associated Press

OAKLAND — Murder suspect Stuart Alexander reportedly reloaded his handguns, walked over to three wounded meat inspectors lying on the floor of his San Leandro sausage factory and shot each in the head.

That grisly scene is revealed in grainy surveillance tapes shown Monday as part of an agreement involving prosecutors, the public defender representing Alexander and news organizations that viewed the tapes.

Alexander, 39, who had turned on two videotape cameras moments before the shooting rampage, faces state and federal murder charges in the June 21 killings. The Alameda County district attorney's office has said it will seek the death penalty.

Alexander's lawyer said his client "was pushed over the edge and shot in a heated rage." The factory recently had closed and reopened as Alexander struggled to meet health code requirements.

Public defender Michael Ogul said the fact that Alexander documented the inspectors' visit proves the killings were not premeditated.

"It shows that these shootings happened, not why they happened," Ogul said.

The inspectors had come to the Santos Linguisa factory to cite Alexander for operating without a permit. Alexander called local police for help in removing what he called trespassers from his property, then turned on the surveillance cameras and asked his visitors to leave.

The inspectors are seen on the tape standing around in the retail portion of the factory before being shot.

"If this is the supposed harassment, they're not doing anything," assistant district attorney Colton Carmine said.

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