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Meeting to Address Community's Name

October 19, 2000|KEVIN SHERRY

Three years ago the Oxnard Bay homeowners association dropped its moniker--Oxnard Shores--in favor of something more lyrical. Thus, Mandalay Shores was born.

Now homeowners want to put up signs identifying the community as Mandalay Shores. But city officials say they will need approval from the Neighborhood Council, Planning Commission and City Council.

On Saturday the city will join with the Mandalay Bay Community Assn. to meet with representatives from the Oxnard Shores Neighborhood Council to see if they can agree on a name.

"When it involves your backyard, it's very important," said Donna Helms, the city's neighborhood services coordinator.

The homeowners' association wants to spruce up the area's image with nine signs along Harbor Boulevard to let people know they have entered the Mandalay Shores neighborhood.

"It's a little bit more upscale," said August Brescia, president of the homeowners group.

However, the city owns a wall along Harbor Boulevard and won't give approval for signs until the Neighborhood Council agrees to the name change.

Bodine Elias, chairwoman of the Oxnard Shores Neighborhood Council, declined to take a stand.

"It's a divisive issue," Elias said. "The Neighborhood Council has tried to reflect the views of all the residents." Sometimes, she said, people ask, "Why don't we get a name that's more melodious?"

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