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St. Paul Declares Scott Eligible

October 20, 2000|ERIC SONDHEIMER

St. Paul High officials said Thursday that De'Andre Scott, former Alemany running back, has enrolled, is attending classes and has been cleared to play for the Swordsmen.

"Based upon the information we have, this has been a bona fide resident transfer," Athletic Director Robert Oviedo said.

St. Paul is not required to file any transfer forms with the Southern Section if a student changes residences with a legal guardian.

Because of Scott's high profile, Oviedo said he sent information to the Southern Section nonetheless.

Scott, a senior who entered the season rated among the top running backs in the state, was withdrawn from Alemany on Tuesday by his mother, Jennifer Strong.

He has struggled this season and was suspended for one game because he missed practices.

St. Paul's decision to accept Scott and allow him to play in the seventh week of the season is drawing criticism from other schools in the Del Rey League.

"I think it's unbelievable," Loyola Coach Steve Grady said. "It's bad enough when a kid decides to leave school after a number of years. There has to be a rule to discourage this.

"It's unbelievable [St. Paul] would take him to play. Obviously, it's an athletic transfer and hurts the game. Our school would never do that."

Scott and Strong were unavailable for comment.

"The family has personal and family reasons for making the transfer," Oviedo said.

Scott's arrival at St. Paul sets up for an intriguing Del Rey game on Nov. 3, when Alemany plays at the Santa Fe Springs school.

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