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October 20, 2000|LARRY STEWART

What: "Nicklaus: a Final March Through the Majors"

Where: Channel 2, Sunday, 11:30 a.m.

If you're a golf fan, and particularly if you're a Jack Nicklaus fan, you won't want to miss this 90-minute documentary. And set the VCR. This is a keeper.

The program was the brainchild of Terry Jastrow, president of Gaylord Event Television, formerly Jack Nicklaus Productions. Jastrow had a crew follow Nicklaus through golf's four major championships this year, in all likelihood, the last time he will have played all four in one year. The four 2000 majors provide a backdrop for a review of Nicklaus' play in majors, beginning in 1957.

The show was sold to CBS for its "Sports Spectacular" series, and to CBS' credit, it borrowed Jim McKay from ABC to serve as co-host with Jim Nantz. Making this an equal opportunity program, Johnny Miller is interviewed while wearing an NBC Sports cap.

The opening appropriately features an interview with Tiger Woods. Woods, calling Nicklaus the greatest golfer who ever lived, is able to recite Nicklaus' performance in the majors off the top of his head.

"I checked the record early this year," he says. "He had 73 top-10 finishes, finished second 19 times and he won 18 majors. It's mind-boggling what he's been able to do in the biggest tournaments the game has to offer."

Among the many highlights of this film is the 1975 Masters, when Nicklaus held off Miller and Tom Weiskopf, who each missed birdie putts on the 18th at Augusta.

"Oh, what a horse race," says Vin Scully, then CBS' main golf announcer.

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