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Chris Dufresne's Top 25

October 20, 2000|CHRIS DUFRESNE

1. Nebraska (6-0) Seriously, yes, you guys have to start taking Oklahoma seriously.

2. Miami (4-1) Hurricanes travel to ... red-hot Temple (4-3)?

3. Oklahoma (6-0) Switzer begging Stoops for one last crack at Nebraska on Oct. 28.

4. Virginia Tech (6-0) Anybody still think canceling Georgia Tech game won't impact the national title?

5. Clemson (7-0) It's Kansas State's schedule masked behind the friendly face of Tommy Bowden.

6. Florida State (6-1) Bobby Bowden tosses quarter into toll booth basket. Misses, wide right.

7. Oregon (5-1) Saturday night game vs. Arizona is Rankman's idea of Midnight Madness.

8. Florida (6-1) Gators suddenly armed with the Killer Gs (Grossman and Gaffney).

9. Washington (5-1) Sending a division of cheerleaders to Eugene this week to root for Arizona.

10. Texas Christian (5-0) Can't wait for the sad country song about team getting snubbed by BCS.

11. South Carolina (6-1) Aside to pollsters: Did not this team whip Miss State and Georgia?

12. Mississippi State (4-1) Rankman thinks Joe Lee Dunn's defense isn't finished.

13. Georgia (5-1) School's record belies lukewarm feelings for Coach Jim Donnan.

14. Kansas State (6-1) School stunned and dazed after sudden jump to Division I-A competition.

15. Ohio State (5-1) Seems that every year the Buckeyes lose one game they shouldn't.

16. Southern Mississippi (5-1) Plays Houston this week. It should be no problem.

17. Purdue (5-2) Rose Bowl bartenders start mixing up special drinks just in case.

18. Oregon State (5-1) Beavers sincerely hope last year's 55-7 victory over UCLA wasn't out of line.

19. Notre Dame (4-2) Irish wonder if they'll need rations for first trip to West Virginia.

20. UCLA (4-2) Roger Miller song, "King of the Road," banned from campus play list.

21. Michigan (5-2) 58-0 victory over Indiana equal to three sessions with a campus shrink.

22. Arizona (5-1) Tomey alters "Citizen Kane" so that mysterious uttered word becomes "Rose Bowl."

23. Minnesota (5-2) Aside to Glen Mason: Stop kissing ESPN sideline reporters on the forehead.

24. Northwestern (5-2) Campus rowdies confess "Brees Blows" T-shirt campaign backfired miserably.

25. Texas (4-2) Back in poll after pleading "no-contest" to charges of impersonating a title contender.

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