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Truly Civilized? Here's a Challenge

October 22, 2000

The homeless problem is so immense that most folks choose to look away ("Specters on the Street," by Walter Mosley and Genaro Molina, Sept. 17). We cannot help everyone, but we can help many families and individuals in this predicament. Our shelter is always filled with families who are homeless through no fault of their own. There always will be those who choose to live on the streets, but if we as a society don't give an unconditional "hand up" to those in need, we cease to be civilized.

Mary L. Gimenez-Caulder

Harbor Interfaith Shelter

San Pedro


Thank you for the excellent article on the homeless. I am from Germany, and after living here for many years I still don't understand why this society isn't able to handle the problem of homelessness. All it takes is a little more compassion.

Karl Dietz

Via the Internet

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