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Her Inner Child Needs to Be Nurtured


What can you tell me about this dream?

I am skiing for a while, and it feels sort of dangerous--only a little snow and things are sticking out. I return on skis to a little shack/store. There are rocks on the parking lot surface, making it hard to ski. I wonder who is taking care of the baby. Is it my baby? Did I forget to take care of it? I remember that I put it to sleep in a big wooden box with two other large dolls. I open the box--the baby is just like one of the dolls, stiff and not moving. The eyes are closed but a tiny bit of white shows. I start to cry and hold and rock the baby. After a while, it opens its eyes! It is alive! I am surprised and happy and relievedand I tell everyone!


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Dear Francie: You've been skiing on thin snow! Moving through life with not a lot to go on. The way has been rocky, again not an easy ride. Apparently this has been going on for quite a while as it would seem that you haven't been nurturing or honoring yourself since about the time you put away your dolls. Did you have to grow up fast? Take on responsibilities at an early age? Recognizing this makes you sad and emotional, but with a little nurturing and sharing of your heartfelt feelings you can bring the baby back to life, that is restore the part of you that is innocent and deserves to be cared for and loved.

Babies represent new beginnings, something we have conceived, developed and given birth to. Your dream could also refer to a creative project that you began and then filed away, such as a novel you began writing, but then got busy so that before you knew it, a lot of time had passed. Anything creative that you begin will pull at you from time to time until you complete it.

The good news is that with a little effort you can bring back the life to your "baby." So if this applies, pick that baby back up and maybe the path will get less rocky!


Cynthia Richmond is the author of "Dream Power: How to Use Your Night Dreams to Change Your Life" (Simon & Schuster, 2000). Fax your dreams to Cynthia Richmond at (818) 783-3267, or e-mail them to Please include your hometown and a daytime phone number. In Your Dreams appears every Tuesday and should be read for entertainment purposes only.

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