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William Devane

October 26, 2000|SUSAN KING

* The actor appeared in the films "Hollow Man" and "Space Cowboys" and is a regular on the NBC sitcom "The Michael Richards Show," which debuted Tuesday.

Desert Days: If I am [in Los Angeles] working, I'll drive to the desert on Friday night. I live in a little farming community called Thermal--it's east of Palm Springs in the country. I'll get there at midnight, and then I get up in the morning and have breakfast and come back to the farm and start doing farm chores.

Polo Anyone?: My place is a polo horse training facility. From October to May there are 300 horses there and 15 to 20 trainers. There is a big polo field and a race track, and they bring babies there--horses that are 2 or 3 years old--and we teach them how to play. [I've had it for] 10 years. It was just desert, and I homesteaded the whole thing. I had been playing [polo] for five or six years before.

All in the Family: We have a big restaurant in west Indio--Devane's, with New York Italian food. On Saturday night, I'll go into the restaurant and have dinner with friends or just roam around and help out. It's owned by my son, Josh.

L.A. Dining: I go to Fabs a lot at Van Nuys and Ventura boulevards, which is a New York Italian restaurant. I'll go there on Sunday nights and get my taste of Italian food and start the week again.

Hot Links: I play a lot of golf when I'm in Los Angeles. I'm like an 8 handicap. The wonderful thing about golf is that it's kind of like skiing--you don't have to be any good at it to have the greatest time.

Theater Circuit: In the desert it's hard [to see movies] because there's only one theater that plays anything interesting. I don't go to the theater very often anymore. I used to do a lot of theater, but you know it's so hard, because if you don't like it, it's hard to leave because people know you are there. Frankly, there is very little theater that's interesting.

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