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Mike Penner's Middle 10

October 27, 2000|MIKE PENNER

Celebrating the mediocrity of modern-day NFL parity, as Pete Rozelle would have wanted:

12. Baltimore (5-3): Quarterbacked this Sunday by the embodiment of modern-day NFL parity, Trent Dilfer.

13. Philadelphia (5-3): Two games over .500 for first time since 1996.

14. Kansas City (4-3): Who is Tony Richardson and why is he leading the Chiefs in rushing?

15. New Orleans (4-3): Hasn't finished above .500 since 1992.

16. Pittsburgh (4-3): Lose three, win four, same old same old.

17. Denver (4-4): Will have to live forever with Bengals 31, Broncos 21.

18. Buffalo (3-4): Future's so bright, starting quarterback Doug Flutie (turned 38 Monday) has to wear bifocals.

19. Tampa Bay (3-4): Win three, lose four, same old same old.

20. Green Bay (3-4): Lombardi never said, "Breaking even is everything."

21. Dallas (3-4): Forty-one points better than Arizona, but, then, who isn't?

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