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The Series

October 27, 2000

Yankees defeat Mets, 4-1

Game 1: Yankees 4, Mets 3 (12)

Game 2: Yankees 6, Mets 5

Game 3: Mets 4, Yankees 2

Game 4: Yankees 3, Mets 2

Game 5: Yankees 4, Mets 2


FIRST INNING: Yankees 0, Mets 0--Vizcaino grounded to second. Jeter struck out. Justice grounded to first. No runs, no hits.

Yankees 0, Mets 0--Agbayani and Alfonzo grounded to third. Piazza singled to center. Zeile forced Piazza. No runs, one hit, one left.

SECOND INNING: Yankees 1, Mets 0--Williams homered to left, his first. Martinez flied to left. O'Neill struck out. Posada grounded to second. One run, one hit.

Mets 2, Yankees 1--Ventura struck out. Trammell walked. Payton singled to right, Trammell stopping at second. Abbott grounded to short, Trammell taking third and Payton second. Leiter, bunting, reached first on pitcher Pettitte's fielding error, Trammell scoring with Payton taking third. Agbayani singled to third, Payton scoring with Leiter stopping at second. Alfonzo popped to second. Two runs (unearned), two hits, one error, two left.

THIRD INNING: Mets 2, Yankees 1--Brosius popped to first. Pettitte and Vizcaino struck out. No runs, no hits.

Mets 2, Yankees 1--Piazza grounded to third. Zeile struck out. Ventura grounded to second. No runs, no hits.

FOURTH INNING: Mets 2, Yankees 1--Jeter and Justice flied to left. Williams singled to left. Martinez fouled to third. No runs, one hit, one left.

Mets 2, Yankees 1--Trammell singled to right. Payton forced Trammell. Abbott walked. Abbott was picked off, pitcher to first. Leiter grounded to short. No runs, one hit, one left.

FIFTH INNING: Mets 2, Yankees 1--O'Neill grounded to short. Posada singled to left. Brosius grounded to first, Posada taking second. Pettitte grounded to second. No runs, one hit, one left.

Mets 2, Yankees 1--Agbayani struck out. Alfonzo grounded to short. Piazza doubled to center. Zeile was walked intentionally. Ventura flied to left. No runs, one hit, two left.

SIXTH INNING: Mets 2, Yankees 2--Vizcaino grounded to the pitcher. Jeter homered to left, his second. Justice struck out. Williams walked. Martinez grounded to short. One run, one hit, one left.

Mets 2, Yankees 2--Trammell grounded to short. Payton singled to third. Abbott singled to center, Payton stopping at second. Leiter sacrificed. Agbayani grounded to short. No runs, two hits, two left.

SEVENTH INNING: Mets 2, Yankees 2--O'Neill walked. Posada flied to left. Brosius flied to right. Pettitte grounded to first. No runs, one hit, one left.

Mets 2, Yankees 2--Alfonzo singled to left. Piazza flied to center. Zeile and Ventura struck out. No runs, one hit, one left.

EIGHTH INNING: Mets 2, Yankees 2--Knoblauch, batting for Vizcaino, fouled to the catcher. Jeter struck out. Justice singled to second. Williams struck out. No runs, one hit, one left.

Mets 2, Yankees 2--Stanton pitching. Sojo to second. Trammell grounded to third. Payton struck out. Abbott flied to right. No runs, no hits.

NINTH INNING: Yankees 4, Mets 2--Perez to right. Martinez and O'Neill struck out. Posada walked. Brosius singled to left, Posada stopping at second. Sojo singled to center, Posada scoring with Brosius scoring and Sojo taking third on Payton's throwing error. J. Franco replaced Leiter. Hill, batting for Stanton, flied to left. Two runs (one unearned), two hits, one error, one left.

Yankees 4, Mets 2--Rivera pitching. Bellinger to left. Hamilton, batting for J. Franco, struck out. Agbayani walked. Agbayani took second on defensive indifference. Alfonzo flied to right, Agbayani taking third. Piazza flied to center. No runs, no hits, one left.

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