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Dodgers Talk to Two Yankees

October 27, 2000|JASON REID

New York Yankee coaches Willie Randolph and Chris Chambliss interviewed Thursday for the Dodger managerial position, completing the first phase of the search process.

Dodger Chairman Bob Daly, President Bob Graziano and General Manager Kevin Malone met with Randolph, a third-base coach, and Chambliss, a batting instructor, separately before Game 5 of the World Series at Shea Stadium.

The Dodgers are not commenting, but sources attending the Subway Series said Randolph and Chambliss were impressive in two-hour afternoon meetings, persuading Daly to keep the longtime coaches under consideration.

Rick Down and Jim Tracy, members of the Dodger coaching staff, will be included in final interviews, beginning next week.

Down, who Malone praised during the season, is the leading candidate to succeed former manager Davey Johnson, fired Sept. 29.

But the Dodgers also consider Randolph and Chambliss viable candidates. At least one of them is expected to join Down and Tracy among the finalists, meeting with Daly and members of his management staff at Dodger Stadium before a decision is made.

Randolph and Chambliss said they were optimistic about their initial Dodger interviews.

"I'm really happy about how it went," said Chambliss, also among the candidates for the Arizona Diamondback position. "I felt good and relaxed in the meeting.

"You never know how long these things are going to take because they have a very important decision to make for their organization. I'm sure I'll hear something [soon], and we'll just see what happens from there."

Randolph had an especially busy week, meeting with the Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies during the last few days.

"I really enjoyed talking with Mr. Daly, Mr. Graziano and Mr. Malone," said Randolph, a Dodger second baseman in 1989-90. "I am who I am, and I'm always in my element talking to people about baseball and the things that I can do."

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