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Development Concerns

October 29, 2000

Re "Burbank Pollution Dogs Lockheed Years Later" (Oct. 5).

The accompanying map of the plume of pollution includes not only my Glendale Rancho neighborhood but the site of the proposed 125-acre, multibillion-dollar Disney "creative campus" expansion being pushed by that corporation and green lighted at warp speed by the Glendale City Council, Redevelopment Agency and Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of justifiably concerned homeowners, the Glendale Homeowners Coordinating Council on Sept. 5 submitted written comments and oral presentations on Disney's draft environmental impact report. Concerns over carcinogenic contamination were met by one council member, Ginger Bremberg, as hysterical.

Coupled with recent findings on chromium 6 and other San Fernando Road corridor cleanup issues, homeowners can only hope that corporate and city powers slow up and consider what lies ahead if they inadequately address very real health and safety worries by homeowners and their families adjacent to these sites, including problems associated with airborne toxins released during excavation and construction of new developments like Disney's.


President, Glendale

Rancho Homeowners Assn.


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