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October 29, 2000

Re "Family Health Care Announces Failure," Oct. 17.

Before the article came out, I was well aware that Family Health Care would be going out of business. As a Health Net-insured HMO [member], I was informed by a letter from my obstetrician-gynecologist that as of January, he would no longer be accepting any HMO, that he was not getting paid, not agreeing on prices, etc. I then received a letter from my primary care physician informing me of the same thing.

I called Health Net, which claimed to have only heard rumors about Family Health Care closing. After volunteering at my sons' school, I went home only to receive a message from my eye doctor that he wouldn't take me for my appointment next week unless he had written word from Health Net that it would pay.

What a nightmare. I was back on the phone with Health Net. They said they would pay all doctor visits until Nov. 11, when I think they will try to place everyone with a provider.

That's not what I signed up for. I signed because the doctors that I had been going to for years were signed on. Now they are no longer going to be involved with HMOs.

Why aren't they getting paid? Don't we pay high enough premiums? Why can't Health Net cut out the middleman? I don't understand. I am being forced to go with a PPO.

This health care system has got to change. But who can I complain to? Do I need to work with health care reform to find out anything?


Woodland Hills

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