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Rafe Esquith

October 29, 2000

Re "The Play's the Thing; $100,000 Is OK, Too," Oct. 24: I was so thrilled to see the article about [fifth-grade teacher] Rafe Esquith, because it reinforced two things I know to be true about inner-city education in Los Angeles--we have excited and inspiring teachers, and our students are hungry and thrilled to be challenged.

I have only been teaching in Los Angeles about five years, but day in and day out I see remarkable and inspiring teachers who challenge and bring out the best in their students. I also see students every year who surpass the expectations that I thought possible. Excellence in education may seem like a fuzzy dream at times, but it is possible with inspiration and hard work.


Echo Park


The story about Esquith was so inspiring and very encouraging. This is a rare man, who cares so much about these students and their future. He has given these children the opportunity to learn, excel and realize anything is possible for them. This gifted teacher is so exceptional and so are his lucky students at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School. Hopefully his heartfelt success will inspire every teacher. After all, their job is the most important one there is.


Los Angeles

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