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Liberals Welcome

October 29, 2000

I object to the apparent assumptions in "Liberals in Line to Run House if Power Switches" (Oct. 25).

Many of us who plan to vote Democratic do so because there are strongly liberal voices in the Democratic Party. We believe it is very important to be concerned about improving the environment, controlling guns, providing health care for all, fighting poverty and so on. Al Gore himself stresses that he is fighting the influence of big bucks. Ralph Nader says that the Democratic Party is too much like the Republican. Hopefully, he is mistaken. Otherwise it would better if we voted for Nader.

Many of our people face stressful conditions. We are counting on liberal Democrats to change things. If they are elected and take charge, we would be delighted.


Redondo Beach


These antiquated, old-style Democrats, supporting wider access to health care and stricter gun-control laws. Horrors! If they have their way, more people will live longer. What's next, a living wage for full-time employment?



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