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Times Endorsements

October 29, 2000

The Times endorses selectively, on a case-by-case basis. Here is a summary of Times recommendations in the Nov. 7 elections.

Statewide Propositions

Proposition 32 (Veterans' Bond Act) YES. State aid for veterans in purchasing homes or farms.

Proposition 33 (Legislative Retirement) YES. Allows state legislators to take part in state employee retirement system.

Proposition 34 (Campaign Contributions) NO. By putting very loose limits on campaign funding, this would cancel a tougher law still being decided in the courts. Hold out for real reform.

Proposition 35 (Public Works Projects) YES. Restrictions on private engineering and design firms need loosening to build the state's big backlog of highway and construction projects.

Proposition 36 (Drug Treatment Diversion) NO. The current judicial system is certainly too rigid and punitive to drug users, but this goes much too far in the other direction. Drug courts are a better solution.

Proposition 37 (Fees, Taxes) NO. By converting industrial pollution fees imposed by the state into taxes, which require two-thirds approval of the Legislature, this measure would effectively let polluters off the hook. Taxpayers would bear the cleanup and prevention burden.

Proposition 38 (School Vouchers) NO. As attractive as the notion of vouchers might be for families trapped by bad public schools, this measure goes too far--providing thousands of state dollars to any child for use in any kind of school. Risks harming good public schools.

Proposition 39 (55% Local Vote for School Bonds) YES. Establishes a more achievable threshold than the current two-thirds provision, but the above-majority 55% retains a safeguard. Includes audit requirements on spending.

Statewide Race

U.S. Senator, Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic incumbent. She's a tough, effective legislator who is in tune with Californians on the major issues.

Selected Congressional Races

House of Representatives, District 27 (Glendale), Democrat Adam Schiff.

House of Representatives, District 36 (Torrance), incumbent Republican Steven T. Kuykendall.

House of Representatives, District 46 (Santa Ana), Incumbent Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

Los Angeles City and County

County District Attorney, Steve Cooley. The Rampart scandal provides even more reason to unseat the incumbent.

County Assessor, Rick Auerbach. Appointed this year to fill a term, he is experienced and deserves a term of his own.

County Measure A (County Supervisors) NO. Would increase the number of supervisors to nine from five. The board should be larger, but this measure lacks checks and balances on the supervisors' powers.

City Measure F (Fire, Paramedic, Animal Facilities) YES. A bond issue to fix old stations and facilities and build new ones. Benefits would be spread citywide.

Municipal Judges (Runoffs)

Due to a courts merger, the winners in these races will actually take office as Superior Court judges and sit countywide.

Los Angeles Municipal Court, Office No. 1, David M. Mintz. A deputy district attorney, Mintz is known for his intelligence and capability.

Alhambra Municipal Court, John Martinez. The incumbent, Martinez is well qualified. His challenger does not make a compelling case for unseating him.

Orange County

County Measure G (Tobacco Settlement Money) NO. Would give 40% of the estimated $30-million annual county share to debt reduction. The need is in health care.

County Measure H (Tobacco Settlement Money) YES. Properly allocates most of the money to health care.

Anaheim Measure J (Qualifications for Office) YES. This prohibition on city employees serving as mayor or on the City Council avoids conflicts.

Brea Measure N (Hillside Development) NO. Bad planning. The city already has the wherewithal to protect its hillsides.

Newport Beach Measure S ("Greenlight" Traffic and Density Initiative) NO. Amendment to city general plan is planning by ballot box.

Newport Beach Measure T (Traffic Planning) NO. Aimed at canceling Measure S, but otherwise not really needed.

San Clemente Measure U (Building Permit Moratorium) NO. Shuts down residential building pending completion of a road. Funding for that road hasn't been identified, and some of it isn't even in the city's jurisdiction.

Superior Court Judges


Office No. 7, Sheila Fell. A court commissioner, Fell would bring needed experience in civil law to the bench.

Office No. 30, Dan McNerney. McNerney has wide experience as a prosecutor.

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