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War Over a Monument

September 02, 2000

Times art critic Christopher Knight's commentary ("Inheritance Endangered," Aug. 22) rather vehemently disagreed with the location of the proposed World War II Memorial scheduled to begin construction in Washington on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

The longer people like your art critic delay this long-awaited tribute to the men and women who fought during WWII, the less likely those of its veterans still alive will get to see what they have been waiting for for more than half a century.


San Pedro


Abraham Lincoln would appreciate some help from presidents past, present and to be. His magnificent Lincoln Memorial may soon have another memorial smack-dab in front of it. All in favor of stopping this historic and artistic absurdity should tell their elected officials in Washington.

The new World War II monument should have its own sacred setting. The memory of all those who died to win that war should not be muddied by the endless chaos that will result by erecting a huge building after the destruction of Lincoln Memorial's Rainbow Pool. Whoever's responsible for this goofy idea should be dunked in the pool, then sent far away from the eyes of Lincoln.



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