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Customers Frustrated by DSL Delays

September 03, 2000

Thank you for publishing "Missteps Rattle PacBell's New Internet Service" (Aug. 29). As someone who ignorantly signed up with EarthLink's digital subscriber line service, I waited for three months before Pacific Bell sent an installer. When he finally came and hooked up the line, he told me that the problem was at their switching office and that I would have service in 48 hours. That was in June.

After an endless number of phone calls to EarthLink's technical department and three different case numbers, I was informed that the configuration at my end was at fault. This configuration was done by a gentleman who has a master's degree from UCLA in computer sciences and is designing circuit boards. He spoke with their supervisor several times and was told that the configuration was correct and that it was a PacBell problem.

I have never had DSL service and now EarthLink is proposing to charge me for it.


Beverly Hills

* PacBell's never-ending television and radio promotions for DSL service are simply infuriating. Stop trying to entice new customers when you can't meet the needs of existing subscribers!

I've been promised DSL since June and still have no service. Worse, I've had virtually no communication from PacBell. My order was lost. Then, it seems it was simply not a priority. Excruciatingly long phone calls to PacBell's DSL "service" representatives produce assurances of start dates that never materialize. I won't soon forget this appalling lack of concern by PacBell for its customers. But I guess PacBell knows that I won't soon have another choice of DSL providers, either.


Toluca Lake

* As a PacBell customer, I've encountered the DSL runaround. First I tried to establish service in San Diego and recently in Glendale, both to no avail. I spent over two hours on hold while one PacBell representative remained on hold with another department in her own company.

PacBell has catchy ads that use scare tactics. I, however, found the solution: I got a cable modem. My speeds have far exceeded my friends' DSL performance, there was no four-week wait, no $150 install fee, and there was no long-term contract to sign. I suggest that everyone first try going cable.



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