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Cyclones More Than Ready to Ride Haywood as Far as He Can Take Them

September 03, 2000

Around Ames, Iowa, the name Davis is revered in college football circles much the same way people of the state think of Kurt Warner as the patron saint of the Arena Football League.

But the day has finally arrived when neither Troy nor Darren Davis carry the football as the primary running back for the Iowa State Cyclones.

Ennis Haywood carried the torch Saturday and it's still burning brightly.

Haywood is being closely watched as the successor to the Davis brothers, who combined for 8,145 yards over the last five seasons, and the junior responded in a big way in a steamy opener.

Haywood rushed for 159 yards in 22 carries in his first start, including a 73-yard third-quarter touchdown run that helped Iowa State pull away in a 25-15 victory over Ohio University.

"Since he got caught from behind his freshman year, he vowed never to be caught from behind again," Iowa State Coach Dan McCarney said. "He wasn't."

Although no one is pegging Haywood as a darkhorse Heisman Trophy candidate--a role Troy Davis knew all too well--he certainly gave Cyclone fans someone to turn their attention to.

"I feel really good and I feel I got the attention of a few people," Haywood said. "I count on my forward speed because I don't have that side-to-side talent of the Davis brothers."

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