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Boys & Girls Clubs Get $20,000 Grant

September 07, 2000|ALEX FIELD

Assemblywoman Hannah Beth Jackson presented a state grant for $20,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs in the Ventura area on Wednesday to use for new sports and band equipment.

The Santa Barbara Democrat, whose district includes portions of western Ventura County, requested the money be included in the state budget, which was approved in June.

According to Diane Koranda, director of development for the Ventura Boys & Girls Clubs, Jackson asked the organization to submit a proposal for grant money.

"The initial approach to us came as a big surprise," Koranda said. "You don't expect your elected officials asking you if you need money like that."

Jackson said she meets with local groups on a regular basis, and that she tries to be as accessible to constituents as possible.

"I met the folks who run the program and I told them that if there was anything I could do to help, they should let me know," Jackson said. "I was particularly attracted to the band program they have, being someone that loves music."

Koranda received notification in early August that her agency would receive the money and expects to have the new equipment in a couple of months. The money will support three clubs in Ventura and a fourth in Meiners Oaks.

Jackson presented the check to the Boys & Girls Clubs before a crowd of nearly 80 young people who frequent the club on Olive Street in Ventura.

"Seeing where we can help young people, that's the wonderful part of the work," Jackson said.

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