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Veterans Top List of Creative Arts Winners

Veterans Lead in Creative Fields


It was veterans day, in a sense, at the creative arts portion of the Emmy Awards, presented Aug. 26 primarily to those in technical categories.

In the guest-acting field, one of the few high-profile performer awards handed out at that ceremony, James Whitmore, 78, and Beah Richards, 74, received Emmys for roles on ABC's drama "The Practice"--Whitmore for a two-part story line in which he played a famed lawyer accused of killing his wife, and Richards as an elderly Alzheimer's patient.

On the comedy side, Bruce Willis--who won an Emmy in 1987 for "Moonlighting"--received his second for a guest stint on NBC's "Friends," while onetime "Designing Women" co-star Jean Smart claimed a statuette as well as her first nomination, for NBC's "Frasier."

Despite a sharp increase in competition within its category, Fox's "The Simpsons" was also named best animated program for the sixth time in the last eight years.

NBC totaled 14 Emmys at the creative arts ceremony, while Home Box Office followed with a dozen. ABC and Fox took nine each.

Here are the winners of the creative arts Emmy Awards, as voted upon by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. They cover programs aired between June 1, 1999, and May 31, 2000.


* Classical music-dance program: "Dance in America: American Ballet Theatre in Le Corsaire," PBS.

* Children's program: "The Color of Friendship," Disney; "Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales," HBO.

* Nonfiction special: "Children in War," HBO.

* Nonfiction series: "American Masters: Hitchcock, Selznick and the End of Hollywood," PBS.

* Animated program (one hour or less): "The Simpsons," Fox.

* Animated program (one hour or more): "Walking With Dinosaurs," Discovery.

* Individual achievement in animation: Maciek Albrecht, production designer, HBO; Nelson Lowry, art director, Fox; Don Shank, art director, Cartoon Network; Bari Kumar, color stylist, Fox.

* Commercial: "The Morning After," Nike Just Do It, Wieden & Kennedy.


* Guest actor, comedy series: Bruce Willis, "Friends," NBC.

* Guest actor, drama series: James Whitmore, "The Practice," ABC.

* Guest actress, comedy series: Jean Smart, "Frasier," NBC.

* Guest actress, drama series: Beah Richards, "The Practice," ABC.

* Voice performance: Julie Harris as Susan B. Anthony, "Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony," PBS; Seth Macfarlane as Stewie Griffin, "Family Guy," Fox.

Nonfiction Programming

* Cinematography: Didier Portal, Robert Pauly, "Raising the Mammoth," Discovery Channel.

* Picture editing: Li Shin Yu, Nina Schulman, "New York (The American Experience)," PBS.

* Sound editing: Andrew Sherriff, Simon Gotel, "Walking With Dinosaurs," Discovery Channel.

Art Direction

* Art direction, multi-camera series: Dahl Delu, Rusty Lipscomb, "Love & Money," CBS.

* Art direction, single-camera series: Jon Hutman, Tony Fanning, Ellen Totleben, "The West Wing," NBC.

* Art direction, miniseries or movie or special: James Spencer, Leslie Thomas, Robert Greenfield, "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," HBO.

* Art direction, variety or music program: Bob Keene, Brian J. Stonestreet, "The 42nd Annual Grammy Awards," CBS.


* Cinematography, multi-camera series: Dick Quinlan, "Spin City," ABC; Peter Smokler, "Sports Night," ABC.

* Cinematography, single-camera series: Thomas A. Del Ruth, "The West Wing (pilot)," NBC.

* Cinematography, miniseries or movie or special: Robbie Greenberg, "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," HBO.


* Casting, comedy series: Allison Jones, Coreen Mayrs, Jill Greenberg, "Freaks and Geeks," NBC.

* Casting, drama series: Barbara Miller, John Levey, Kevin Scott, "The West Wing," NBC.

* Casting, miniseries or movie or special: Lora Kennedy, Joyce Nettles, "RKO 281," HBO.


* Choreography: Rob Marshall, "Annie," ABC.


* Costuming, series: Giovanna Ottobre Melton, Sandy Kenyon, "Providence," NBC.

* Costuming, miniseries, movie or special: Shelly Komarov, Lucinda Campbell, "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," HBO.

* Costume design, variety or music program: David Cardona, Bob Mackie, Helen Hiatt, "Cher: Live in Concert--From the MGM Grand in Las Vegas," HBO.

Picture Editing

* Single-camera picture editing, series: Kevin Casey, "ER," NBC.

* Single-camera picture editing, miniseries, movie or special: Carol Littleton, "Oprah Winfrey Presents: Tuesdays With Morrie," ABC.

* Multi-camera picture editing, series: Ron Volk, Scott Maisano, "Frasier," NBC.

* Multi-camera picture editing, miniseries, movie or special: Bill DeRonde, "A Supernatural Evening With Santana," Fox.


* Makeup, series: Cheri Montesanto Medcalf, Kevin Westmore, LaVerne Basham, Gregory Funk, Cindy Williams, "The X-Files," Fox.

* Makeup, miniseries, movie or special: Annie Spears, Mark Coulier, Duncan Jarman, Diane Chernery-Wickens, Darren Phillips, "Arabian Nights (Part 2)," ABC.


* Hairstyling, series: Bobby H. Grayson, "Saturday Night Live," NBC.

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