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Dead Son Appears in Childbirth Image


Dear Cynthia: I am expecting my second child, a girl, very soon. I had a son last year, who passed away 13 days after his birth. His death was expected from his medical condition determined during my pregnancy. I know that I am having a girl, and I am so very excited. In my dream, I am giving birth; the doctor hands me my child and says: "Here is your son." Does this have anything to do with unresolved issues regarding my son?



Dear Priscilla: The loss of your son, even though expected, would take an emotional toll. How wonderful to now have a healthy baby girl on her way. It is common for pregnant women to have dreams depicting childbirth.

If you believe that we each have a soul--or as many spiritual teachers refer to it, we are a soul that has a body--then perhaps your dream is telling you that the same soul who was your son is now back in the healthy body of your daughter. Of course, your personal frame of reference to delivery is the doctor saying, "Here is your son." So, you may be dreaming your association to the experience. Either way, all my best wishes for a healthy baby and a positive delivery experience.


Dear Cynthia: My husband and I had a heated discussion about the division of household duties. That night, I dreamed I was standing in a river of rushing water about waste (sic) deep. Suddenly, a large buffalo stepped into the river. Instead of being afraid, I went over and grabbed the buffalo by the horns and tried to pull its head under the water. It was a great struggle, but I managed to get its head down under the water for a fewseconds. Then I woke up.



Dear Linda: Interesting that you wrote "waste" instead of "waist" deep. You were letting go of the emotions stirred up by the heated discussion with your husband. The river of rushing water represents the rush and depth of emotion you felt. Grabbing the buffalo by the horns would indicate that you were direct and specific with your husband in your request for him to do his part. Holding his head below the surface means you wanted him to understand your feelings. Apparently, you were successful!

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