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Secessionists Seek Bids for Policing a Harbor-Area City

September 14, 2000

LOS ANGELES HARBOR — Organizers of a campaign to carve a new city from port-side communities of Los Angeles are hoping to contract with one of three law enforcement agencies for police services.

Harbor Study Foundation leaders said they have invited the Los Angeles County Sheriff, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Long Beach Police Department to submit proposals.

The new city would consist of San Pedro, Wilmington and part of Harbor City.

Organizers sent each department a seven-page letter inviting them to bid on providing police services should the group secede from the city of Los Angeles.

The group also plans to seek contracts for providing electrical power, as well as fire and paramedic services rather than have the proposed municipality start it own departments.

The Local Agency Formation Commission is studying the consequences of the proposed Harbor-area secession, including costs, along with a proposal to let the San Fernando Valley secede from Los Angeles.

If LAFCO determines that neither Los Angeles nor the seceding communities would be harmed by the breakup, the cityhood proposals could go to voters in November 2002.

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