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Cleanup Planned for La Colonia District

September 16, 2000|KEVIN SHERRY

The business district of La Colonia will receive a good scrubbing today.

To improve the neighborhood's image, dozens of volunteers plan to converge on Cooper Road to sweep the street, clean sidewalks and paint over graffiti.

Organizers hope their efforts will inspire residents and business owners to keep the neighborhood looking nice.

"We just want to go ahead and maybe set a standard," said Vicky Gonzales, chief executive of the Coalition for Community Development, which is sponsoring the event with the Oxnard Police Department. "It'll just give us a little more neighborhood pride. Hopefully, businesses will keep up what we've done."

Workers plan to hit the street at 4:30 a.m. and work until 11 a.m., Gonzales said. About 40 to 60 people from 25 organizations are expected to attend, she said.

Oxnard Building Materials on Cooper Road will loan a pressure washer to the volunteers, said Gilbert Rae, the store's general manager. The washer will blast dirt and gum from sidewalks and give the neighborhood a fresher look, Rae said.

"It's not as well kept . . . as the newer neighborhoods," he said. "The neighborhood, unfortunately, has somewhat of a bad reputation."

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