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On the Ball

September 17, 2000

Thank you for screenwriter Devra Maza's entertaining article about her baseball script, "The Show" ("A Lot of Coaching, a Little Ribbing," Sept. 3). In an era when much is written about the director's "vision" and an actor's ability to "inhabit" a role, it's wonderful to see The Times giving prominent space and respect to screenwriters who are their partners in the filmmaking process, and whose contributions proceed and enable all others.

It doesn't hurt that she looks good in the uniform either.




Whatever the fate of Maza's intended film, interested investors should know that another original screenplay titled "The Show" has been working out in Development Double A for a while.

This one, written by me, describes a Dominican youth's struggle to pursue his dream of playing baseball against the wishes of his heartbroken father. Gregory Bernstein will direct it. When both stories have reached their budgets, I'd be glad to flip a coin with Maza for the title. Loser gets the third base dugout.


Valley Glen

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