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Knighting Leaf Could Do the Trick for Chargers

September 17, 2000|STEVE SPRINGER

Times NFL writer Steve Springer poses--and answers--the burning questions for this week's games:

1. Question: Could Bob Knight help Ryan Leaf?

Answer: Absolutely. Getting his chin split open by the helmet of the Oakland Raiders' Regan Upshaw seemed to briefly fire up the San Diego Chargers' former starting quarterback in the season opener until Leaf's arm eventually let him down. Knight is known for never letting old wounds heal.

2. Question: Is there anything else Knight could show Leaf?

Answer: Accuracy. Knight is better at throwing a chair than Leaf is throwing a football.

3. Question: Why don't they play football in the Olympics?

Answer: Because NFL players would have to abide by Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's no-celebration rule, which would eliminate the medal ceremony.

4. Question: How is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Ronde Barber, a cornerback, able to lead the league in sacks through the first two weeks with three?

Answer: Explained Barber, "It's convenient right now that nobody's blocking me."

That will do it every time.

5. Question: Five years ago, Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones upstaged New York Giant quarterback Phil Simms' retirement celebration on a Monday night at Giants Stadium by bringing out Monica Seles and Phil Knight to announce a deal with Nike. How could Jones, saddled with a bad Cowboy team, top that Monday to upstage media-hungry Washington Redskin owner Daniel Snyder?

Answer: With endorsements for another Monica, Lewinsky, and another Knight, Bob.

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