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September 19, 2000

* Chad Therapeutics Inc. of Chatsworth announced the appointment of James M. Brophy to fill a vacant seat on Chad's board of directors, and the promotion of Earl L. Yager, executive vice president and chief financial officer, to the additional role of chief operating officer.

Brophy was appointed to fill a vacancy and will stand for election at the September 2001 annual shareholders meeting. He is currently the deputy executive director for the Truman Health System in Kansas City.

In addition to his current duties, Earl will coordinate the company's day-to-day operations.'

Chad is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of oxygen-conserving devices and oxygen-delivery systems for home health-care patients who require supplemental oxygen.

* PBJ of North Hollywood announced two new management appointments. David Bedwell has joined the company as director of marketing and client strategy. He is developing an image for the firm and will create marketing campaigns for clients. Caroline Craven, from PJB's Eugene, Ore. office, has been promoted to vice president of operations. She will oversee the growth of the company.

PBJ is a marketing and public relations firm specializing in Web and interface design, software development and information architecture.

* Scott Houghton has resigned as director, secretary and treasurer of Inc. and Qinnet Holdings Corp. Paul Schwartz, a director of both QNNT and QHC, has agreed to act as secretary and treasurer to fill the vacancies created by Houghton's resignation.

Qinnet is an Internet technology provider with customers primarily in China.

* Larry D. Brady has been elected chief executive of UNOVA Inc. of Woodland Hills. Brady continues to serve as president of the company.

UNOVA is a global supplier of mobile information technology and wireless networks.

* Brian Pope has been promoted to vice president of business affairs with Dick Clark Productions of Burbank. Pope will continue to negotiate rights and production agreements. In addition, he will negotiate artist recording, publishing and licensing agreements.

Dick Clark Productions is an independent television programming producer.

* Eric Petro has been promoted to senior vice president of finance and planning at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. Petro will identify and evaluate strategic initiatives and alliances for the company. He will continue to forecast profitability of all films produced by Disney, Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures.

* Kelly Colbert has been appointed vice president of marketing for Word of Net in Sherman Oaks.

The company develops automated online marketing tools and services to increase Web site visibility and traffic.

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