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Laugh Lines

September 19, 2000

Healing Process: "Here's an odd story: Researchers now say human urine can be used to cure athlete's foot. . . . That's kind of gross, isn't it? Human urine being used to cure athlete's foot? It could be worse--it could be used to cured acne." (Jay Leno)

Plugged In: "Dennis Rodman has launched a Web site where you can watch everything that goes on in his house 24 hours a day seven days a week. . . . I believe the address

is" (Andrew Wisot)

Play Up: "Learning more and more about George W. Bush. Apparently, each day, he spends 3 and a half hours playing video games. There's presidential material for you. A guy whose only goal in life: He wants to do really well in Tetris." (David Letterman)

Blowing Up: "John McCain grilled Firestone executives in the Senate. . . . He should go easy on them. If they recalled everything that explodes without warning on the road, McCain would have never made it past New Hampshire." (Argus Hamilton)

Love Letters: "Nancy Reagan has published a book containing many of her husband, Ronald Reagan's love letters. Very nice book. And now Hillary Clinton . . . is planning a similar book of Clinton love notes. In fact, she's collected over a hundred from 30 different women." (Leno)


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