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September 19, 2000

What is the best way to deal with a coach who becomes physical or abusive in performing his or her duties?


Foothill, Water Polo

I would discuss the situation with my parents first. Then I'd probably take it up with school officials, like the athletic director. If it became more of a problem after that, I would have to take it a step further and go to the governing board. But I wouldn't try and handle on my own.


Foothill, Softball

Regardless of a coach's behavior while performing his or her duties, a player must recognize the coach as an adult. As a player, I would approach the situation as a professional, which means I would walk away and leave the discipline to those responsible for monitoring the actions of coaches. Aggressive and abusive coaches destroy the true spirit of competition, and bring out the worst in their players.


Santa Margarita, Swimming

If and when a coach becomes physical or abusive in performing his duties, the best way of dealing with the situation is to let someone know. Whether the person is a parent or an athletic director, someone needs to be informed of the problem. It becomes a very uncomfortable situation for an athlete to be in because you don't want the coach to become more angry with you if he is informed of your telling someone else, but your safety is the No. 1 priority, along with being comfortable with who you play for.


Marina, Girls' Basketball Coach

Any coach who becomes verbally abusive should be reprimanded as soon as possible. To motivate through inspiration is one thing. To motivate through fear is another. Any sort of physical abuse should call for an immediate dismissal. How can one believe that any kind of abuse--physical, mental or verbal--serves as a way to motivate our youth? Positive role models are what coaches should strive to be, not intimidators who are out of touch with their players and their academic, personal and athletic lives.


Brethren Christian, Football

If the coach becomes abusive, the athlete needs to take it to the athletic director immediately. An abusive coach is unacceptable in any sport, at any level.


Rosary, Athletic Director

You talk to them one on one and remind them of the school's philosophy and what we expect of them. We can put them on a contract with specified actions that they need to folow and if that doesn't work, you dismiss them.


Edison, Cross-Country/Soccer

I'd talk to him about it so he's aware of what he's doing. Then I'd discuss it with my parents. If he didn't change his ways, I'd quit the team.


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