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Airport Gets Grant for Improvements

September 20, 2000|MATT SURMAN

Oxnard Airport will accept a $650,000 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to rebuild taxi lanes around the hangars, improve the drainage system and buy an access ramp for disabled passengers.

The county Board of Supervisors approved acceptance of the grant Tuesday. The money is meant to improve safety and does not represent any future expansion of the airport, said Scott Smith, interim director of airport operations.

"We can see layers of asphalt that really need to be reconstructed," Smith said of the area around the county-owned hangar.

The airport has been a matter of some controversy, with a group recommending that the facility be shut by 2005.

However, FAA rules are so strict that it would be nearly impossible for the county to close the airport, officials said. The FAA oversees airline operations and has ultimate say over the airport's rules and regulations.

In addition to the grant, the county has accepted the bid of a contractor to move the aging Camarillo Airport Fire Station from its location on Airport Way to a new site adjacent to Las Posas Road.

Select Construction Inc. of Los Angeles has been chosen with a bid of $2.71 million, about 4% higher than the architect's estimate.

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