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High School Notebook

September 21, 2000|ERIC SONDHEIMER

Mothers are known for supplying teams with special goodies before and after games. But Katie Anderson, mother of receiver Dave Anderson of Thousand Oaks, has taken her chocolate chip cookies to a different level. They're so much in demand that people are devising ways to find out her secret recipe.

Jimmy Sharp, a receiver at Notre Dame who has been best friends with Anderson since preschool, said Katie refuses to tell anyone the recipe.

"Dave doesn't even know the recipe, but he gets his share of cookies," Sharp said. "I'm jealous of that. I've had those cookies since I was 2. I've never tasted better. Every time my mom talks to Katie, she tries to get the recipe out of her. She puts Mrs. Fields to shame."

Said Katie: "Whenever [Dave] enters the room, I hide the ingredients and stop my production method."


Crespi might be 0-2, but the Celts will have the coolest team in the region. The booster club bought three "Big Fogg" misters to help cool the team from heat. They'll also be available during summer passing leagues.

The school installed closed-circuit TV, with a TV monitor put in outside its concession stand so fans can watch the game while purchasing food.

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