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Chance of More Drizzle Forecast

September 22, 2000|NANCY FORREST

That wasn't dew on your car windshield Thursday morning.

A pattern of unstable air in the upper atmosphere above Ventura County produced drizzle overnight and into the early morning commute.

Meteorologists cautioned against expecting a downpour but advised to keep the umbrella handy over the next day or so as the system passes through.

"There is an upper-level trough in the upper atmosphere that is causing a coastal eddy and thick marine layer," said Chad Pettera, a meteorologist with WeatherData Inc. "That is causing the increased moisture in the air and drizzle, for the most part. There is just enough lift and water to cause this kind of condition."

It was just a light sprinkling, Ventura Harbor Patrol Officer Pat Hummer said.

Hummer said the sure sign of the first precipitation in a while was the return of a sea of blue tarps as boat owners began covering their boats.

"We took a reading of the rainfall overnight, and we received only a trace amount of rain, about 0.03 inches," Hummer said. "It was enough to wet everything, but it was not enough to overflow the storm drains or the usual problems we have when rain comes."

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