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Body Mods at Work

September 24, 2000|LISA GIRION and LISA GIRION

For employers

* Keep dress codes fair and nondiscriminatory. Banning earrings on men but not on women, * The broader the policy, the more latitude and responsibility supervisors have. Overly strict dress codes can take up supervisors' time for enforcement.

* Enforcement should be fair and consistent.

* Requirements, such as neckties, hairnets or short fingernails, should be clearly connected to business needs or safety concerns.


For employees:

* The most liberal attitudes about body modifications can be found at some West Coast "dot-coms," ad agencies and entertainment companies.

* Like it or not, body modifications can limit job and promotion opportunities.

* Tattoos can be concealed with long sleeves and pants, opaque tights and socks, and even Band-Aids.

* Piercings can be concealed by removing the jewelry and inserting clear plastic retainers to prevent closure. With the exception of earlobes, piercings will eventually close up once the ornament is removed.

* Tattoo remorse will cost you. In Los Angeles, removal can run between $300 and $2,000,

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