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Lake Forest

September 26, 2000|Alex Katz, (714) 966-5977

More than 100 fish turned up dead in the small lake at Village Pond Park on Sunday, a few days after the homeowners association that maintains the pond dumped an algae-killing chemical in the water.

The Lake I Homeowners Assn. put the chemical in late last week to kill a bloom of foul-smelling algae, said Sandy Meyer, the association's general manager. A few dozen fish also died a few months ago after the association used the chemical in the pond to kill algae.

The algicide Cutrine is made for use in fish ponds and hatcheries, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report.

"It's either algae and the smell or treating it and losing some fish," Meyer said.

The pond on Ridge Route Drive and Elrond Lane is a popular fishing spot because of the catfish and carp that live in its algae-green water.

Some park neighbors complained about the death of the fish.

"I'm concerned about anything that hurts fish and animals," Colleen Hartley said.

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